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16 Years flying

security and logistics experience

2003: Aero Palcazu is an airline founded by professional
experts from the aeronautical sector. It started operations in
the Amazon region of Pucallpa. Since its establishment, Aero
Palcazu has been connecting more than 15 cities in the jungle
of Peru, in various air operations, such as; medical transfers,
transportation of people and cargo, thus contributing to the
social, cultural and economic development of the Peruvian

2006: Aero Palcazu began its operations in Nasca, carrying
out flights on its enigmatic lines, with the mission of
connecting people from all over the world with the history and
culture of our country. With approximately 8000 passengers
transported per year, our main objective is to generate unique
experiences with quality service, guaranteeing the highest
safety standards, as required by the aeronautical authorities
of Peru.

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